From time to time, I publish online. Here are some of my recent posts at Persephone Magazine.

“The Forbidden Holiday”
Persephone Magazine
October 22, 2012

“ACA Myth: Sterilizing Minors In Oregon”
Persephone Magazine
August 30, 2012

My modesty series was originally published here at Liz Boltz Ranfeld and was then cross-posted to Persephone. I have since re-launched this site, but here is a link to the P-Mag pieces. In December 2012, this series was chosen as one of the best of Persephone’s first two years of content.
“The Myth of Modesty: Part One”
“The Myth of Modesty: Part Two”
“The Myth of Modesty: Part Three”
Persephone Magazine
May 2012