Okay, this has nothing to do with feminism or faith, but it is my proudest accomplishment of the week.

There is this stuff called Bubber. It’s a little bit like Play-Doh, a little bit like marshmallow fluff, and a little bit like heaven. Ruthie got some for Christmas, and we can’t stop playing with it. The only downside is that it makes our hands a little blue. If you’re married to someone who has chronic pulmonary issues and sometimes turns blue from a lack of oxygen, you might want to be aware of Bubber’s tendency to tint your fingers before you have a minor freak out over what looks like a breathing crisis.*

Tonight I made a for-memory model of the North of Westeros from Game of Thrones. When I got home and compared it to a map, I was pretty proud of myself! Not bad for an amateur Bubber sculptor without a reference!

winterfell image

*Not that that happened to anyone in our house!**

**Okay, actually it did.