Today my niece Maya turns 2!

Just recently, Maya switched from being an adorable little baby with all kinds of cute grunts and noises to an adorable little girl with all kinds of cute words and expressions! It seems like no time ago that I was bouncing and bouncing and bouncing her in my lap, trying to keep her happy, and now she runs around the room and asks for certain stories and tells you what’s happening in the world around her. She’s a tough cookie, always lugging toys that seem way too heavy for her around the room to make her environment more suited to the way she likes it.

She is adorable with Ruthie, who loves her. Her smile is one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen, and she has a great laugh!

Next week we will have a shared birthday party for the two girls, as they were born almost exactly one year apart.

I am so happy that Maya now lives right here in town, rather than hours away in Ohio. It is great to see her grow and change and continue being so cute and funny.