I’m usually such a cynic when it comes to issues of religion that it is hard for me to hear little children reciting the tenets of a faith. I frequently wonder about the best way to introduce a child to one’s deeply-held religious beliefs without moving toward brainwashing or indoctrinating. There is one thing that I can say confidently: I believe that God is a creator, and that we can trace all nature and beauty back to him. I don’t believe this in some sort of politicized, intelligent design-arguing, anti-evolution campaigning way. I just believe that God is the driving force behind existence, and that we are just as intentional as the sky and the water and the depth of space.

What that means is that all of my cynicism melts away when I hear my daughter say, unprompted, “God cuh-waited my face.”

“Cuh-waited.” Three-year-old for “created.”

“God cuh-waited my face. God cuh-waited Mommy! God cuh-waited Daddy! God cuh-waited my head! And God cuh-watied Giwaffe.”

Then, just when it can’t get any more theologically sound, she moves into the rationale of a toddler. “And God cuh-waited TV! And God cuh-waited BROBEE! And God cuh-waited Muno, too, right?”

Some people might argue with her about whether God or Nickelodeon deserves the credit for creating Yo Gabba Gabba, and some YGG-haters out there might not even agree that God could have possibly had anything to do with the show they hate, but having watched Ruthie’s face light up a million times whenever something on that show made her laugh or sing or dance, I’ve got to agree with her on this one.

And there is nothing but God that can be given credit for Ruthie’s perfect little face.