Whenever I can, I introduce people in my life to my friend Neville Kiser‘s seminary project, “Theology of Dance: Film, Pop Culture, and Community.”

Neville is one of my favorite friends from college. How many nights did we stand on the sidewalk between his dorm and mine, talking about movies? How many times did we drive to the theater in Marion, Indiana so that we could see some movie that none of our other friends were remotely interested in? How many times did he introduce me to my husband?

Okay, that last one has only happened once, but I’m pretty grateful for it.

This video that Neville made is just beautiful. I use it every semester in my composition classroom because students love it. I usually ask them to simply reflect on the things they felt while watching it, and it’s incredible to see the diversity of responses. I thought you might enjoy it, too. Feel free to pretend you are one of my students and spend five minutes after you watch it, recording your feelings on things like the music, the dance, the movies, the physicality of our bodies, the way humanity seems to be joined together by dance and collective emotional experience.

a theology of dance: film, pop culture, & community from Neville Kiser on Vimeo.