If you’re interested in helping young people abandon their foolish fundamentalist views of homosexuality, consider having them watch this video.

This is exactly the sort of thing that made me realize I was at odds with my church on this topic.

This is the sort of thing that pushed me from my comfortable, satisfied-by-the-Christian-status-quo position on sexual orientation. I heard things like this and I started to say, “What is wrong with us? Why don’t we believe people when they say that they are in love? Why do we have to try to diminish the feelings that two people have for one another?”

Back then it was as simple as realizing that I believed people when they told me their stories. I didn’t think they were lying or “reprobate.” They were just people in love. Or who wanted to be in love. No different from me and my desire to love and be loved by a man.

What is so hard for this young woman to believe about two men or two women being in love with each other? Even if she wants to make the theological argument that it’s wrong or sinful, I still see no use in debasing and diminishing other people’s relationships.

If someone tells me that they are in love, I’m going to believe them. If they tell me that they are in pain, I believe them. If they’re trying their hardest, I believe them. If they’re full of joy, I believe them.

Why is it so hard for so many Christians to just believe people?