This is my new baby nephew, Andrew. He was born on March 7, and I just got to meet him last night. Ruthie says he’s beautiful and, “He has the TINIEST EARS!” I only had to say, “DON’T POKE HIM IN THE EYE!” one time. Otherwise she was pretty good with him. She thinks he’s lovely.

During dinner, my mom was holding Drew, and Ruthie approached her with her arms out. “Okay, I’m ready to hold him now. You can give him to me.”

Mom said, “I’m going to hold him while we finish eating, and then Nate is going to hold him, because you got to last time, and it’s Nate’s turn first, okay?”

“Okay,” Ruthie said, “that’s fine. You can give him to me now, thanks.”

Congratulations, Sara and Landon, on your baby boy. He’s adorable. I hope he keeps up the whole not crying all the time thing. I’m hoping that holding him as much as possible in the coming months will prevent me from getting what my friends call “the baby rabies.” Although let’s face it, holding a baby that much might actually be the cause of baby rabies. meeting andrew