Up until this point, I’ve been teaching a mostly paperless semester.

Spring Break has had to change all of that. I have one week to get caught up on grading, and if I’m going to make that work, I have to start doing some printing. I just can’t get over the habit of providing WAAAAY too many comments on electronic versions of papers. I spend way longer on each paper when I have it on a screen, and I know that my students aren’t actually benefiting from it. They’d benefit more from work handed back faster, even if it had fewer comments throughout. I’m switching to paper and pen grading because I can accomplish it faster and more efficiently.

So before heading off on Spring Break, I printed everything I need to grade. To save paper, I printed on the front and back of each sheet, and I also printed two sheets to a page. That’s one sheet of paper for every four pages of student material. Not bad for conservation if I say so myself.

But also sort of terrifying if you think about how much reading and grading that stack represents. And technically, there is still more! This stack does not include about 18 short stories from my creative writing course.

I’m a bit intimidated by the idea of getting all of this done.

Wish me luck.