A nice benefit to hoarding cool home decor–even when you don’t have a place to store it–is that you can eventually put together a writing space for yourself. For free.

Our house has a small storage room off the back of the garage. This is a room that has been used previously for its intended purpose–storage. Oh, and sometimes Grandpa Joe has fried fish in there for our annual family reunion. I’m still storing things in there–family heirlooms that need to be distributed to various aunts, uncles, and cousins; all of my craft books; all of my old magazines. Now, though, it serves a bigger purpose. My storage room is now a place where I can write.

I need a space like this because it’s secluded from the rest of the house, where Ruthie doesn’t necessarily know that I’m home. She’s used to me leaving sometimes to go write at Starbucks, but now I get the benefit of not having to leave if it’s cold or it’s late or I’m tired or I don’t want to put pants on.

In the winter, I can turn on the electric space heater on the ceiling, and in the summer I can open the garage door and turn the room into an open-air workspace.

And yes, thanks to my packrat tendencies, I like the way the place looks!

Picture 1) The storage room as it was before I set to work cleaning and organizing it.

Picture2) The first version of my storage space, using a borrowed table from my brother and a plastic chair from my mom.

Picture 3) My newly-completed look, which features: a broken rake hanging on the wall, curtains I bought in Camden, England when I was in college, a framed painting I tore from an art book, my very favorite mirror (which broke in our last move), a kitschy framed painting I got for $1 at a yard sale two years ago, two matted pictures of Ireland that were gifts from my friends Lana and Elaine after they studied there, an antique desk that I was given by our family friend Ann, and a wildly heavy chair that was Grandpa’s that somehow didn’t make it to auction last summer.

Picture 4) A close up of my awesome new desk.
writing space.2