Dear Greg Garrison,

I listened to your radio show the other day. You were talking about Jason Collins’s decision to come out of the closet. You talked about how you don’t begrudge anyone the right to love anyone who they want to love, but you really don’t want to know who someone else is having sex with. You also said that Collins coming out of the closet was a selfish move of him and an attempt to get attention, which he got because the media is obsessed with him. You suggested that he’s trying to overshadow the rest of his team. You said you just don’t need to know that he has sex with men. You asked how parents are supposed to explain to their kids what it means when they ask at the dinner table, “Who is Jason Collins and what does it mean that he’s gay?” You don’t know why someone would need to come out in such a public way–it’s exhibitionistic and selfish and unnecessary, right?

There has been plenty said about Jason Collins‘s decision to come out. I’d like to address something you said in your show that you might not have realized was offensive, though.

You mentioned your wife.

That was it. That was the really offensive thing. See, I just don’t appreciate that kind of information about your sexual preferences.

I’m sorry, I just really don’t know how I’m supposed to handle that kind of arrogance and self-centeredness. I mean, I don’t begrudge you the right to love your wife. I’m sure she’s absolutely amazing and you have a great relationship with her. But do you really have to talk about that relationship on the air? I don’t know you personally, and I’d rather not know who you have sex with. It just seems really pushy of you, a radio host, to talk so openly about your sexual partner on the air.

I often listen to the radio in the car with my daughter. She’s three. What am I supposed to say if she asks me what a “wife” is? Obviously, just like you would answer that a gay person is someone who has sex with people of the same gender, I would have to answer that a wife is someone that a husband has sex with. What a nightmare! We clearly haven’t told her about sex yet–so why are you forcing this conversation on us?

Just keep it to yourself, Greg. Please. I don’t need to know you have a wife. That information is way too personal. It’s not like radio hosts with wives have been the victims of ongoing persecution in their field or anything. It’s not like aspiring radio hosts who want to have wives are bullied for that in school or anything. It’s not like radio hosts with wives are more likely to commit suicide based on that kind of bullying. It’s not like radio hosts with wives are expected to keep their wives secret or else they face being villainized by other radio hosts, tv show hosts, commentators, pastors, and bloggers.

You mentioned that you have gay friends, but they just don’t tell you about that stuff anymore than you talk about your relationship with your wife. Take a lesson from your gay friends, Garrison. Don’t talk about your relationship with your wife. It’s just so selfish to make a perfectly normal conversation about you and your sexual attraction to your wife.


A Listener

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