A version of this was originally posted Summer 2012.

I’m not going to do episode re-caps for this series, because there are plenty of those all over the internet.

Instead, let me say this about the pilot of The X-Files: it aired nineteen years ago.

Nineteen years ago!

I know, I was just a kid nineteen years ago, but it still doesn’t seem possible that the show aired for the first time in 1993. Gillian Anderson was only 24 years old during filming.

My thoughts while watching “The Pilot” were pretty straightforward:

  • Ha! Scully looks like a little baby Scully!
  • Nice glasses, Mulder.

Image: 20th Century Fox Television

  • Nice glasses, Scully.

Image: 20th Century Fox Television

  • I can’t believe this aired 19 years ago.
  • Why does Mulder carry red spray paint in the trunk of his rental car? If he has red spray paint on hand in some sort of prepared emergency kit, what else is in there?

image: 20th Century Fox Television

  • Look! They don’t have cell phones! They can’t do the funny hang-up-on-each-other-without-saying-goodbye thing that they became known for yet, because they don’t have their cell phones.
  • How long did the format of the show actually include Scully’s field reports on a regular basis?
  • Oh, look! Mulder and Scully’s first hug!

Image: 20th Century Fox Television

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