Last night, my brother and sister-in-law trusted me to be the first person who keeps their daughter overnight! The sleepover was unplanned, so I didn’t get to put my blog post together as usual. Instead, we lit sparklers in the backyard, caught lightning bugs, sang and danced, and stayed up late. I also spent much of the night alternating between Ruthie’s bed and sleeping on the floor next to Maya, reassuring her that yes, she’ll see her Mom again tomorrow. So yeah, prepping a blog post for this morning didn’t happen.

But! I thought I’d share this adorable photo of Ruthie from last week, when she met Buddy the Dinosaur at a local PBS Kids event. She and Maya are enjoying Dinosaur Train together this morning while they color, so I think it’s related!

I haven’t watched tons of Dinosaur Train, but here are some reasons that I like letting Ruthie watch it:

  • educational content
  • boy and girl characters playing together
  • positive representation of both a mother and a father
  • loving representation of adoption
  • Ruthie’s face when she realized that she was going to meet one of the characters!
meeting buddy