When Ruthie was just six months old, photos were just starting to circulate from the Mila’s Daydreams blog, and my friend Gwyneth sent them to me. “Let’s do this!” she suggested.

Together, we assembled the sets and costumes for these photos, which were sort of a variation of the Mila photos. Ruthie was a great sport, and she tolerated the wigs I made for her way better than I expected her to. I chose the subject matter by thinking of iconic children’s book characters. I’ve always loved and cherished Heidi, and the other characters just seem to come naturally. I wanted to do at least one boy character, so we went with Huck Finn. I went with Tinker Bell because I wanted to make fairy wings, and we chose Dorothy because that little blue dress was just perfect. The set pieces were made of blankets, towels, construction paper, skirts, curtains, my living room rug, and place mats, among other things. We took the photos in my apartment on the day Ruthie turned six months old.

It’s hard to believe this was more than three years ago. What a sweet baby Ruthie was, and what an awesome kid she has become!

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