It has taken several trips to Google over the years, but I finally figured out the name of the movie from my childhood that has been eluding me for years. Hoomania!

And so, here is a favor to anyone else who might be searching for this movie:

1980s children’s  movie

-1980s Christian movie

-movie about a kid sucked into a board game

-little boy becomes board game character

-Claymation board game

-movies about Proverbs

-ridiculous movie about a kid becoming a board game character and learns moral lessons about making wise choices from creepy Claymation creatures

Maybe that will help someone else out who has been in my shoes.

Next, I just need to get hold of a copy of this movie, which I remember watching repeatedly in Sunday School. I doubt this will ever get released on DVD, but maybe I can get myself a VHS copy someday. Then I can remember more than just t!e intro, which happens to be set to a Pat Boone song called “Trouble Ought To Be My Middle Name.”

Surely I can’t be the only Christian kid from the 80s who remembers this movie?