While my teacher friends head back to work and my friends’ kids pick out their school supplies, I am enjoying the last few weeks of the summer. Sure, I have to write some syllabi, plan a workshop on faculty feedback, grade my summer students’ work, and prep for the start of a new school year, but I also have my schedule to myself. I can stay up late, sleep in, and watch Star Wars with Ruthie. Summer is great.

Here’s what Summer 2013 has looked like to me.

Where I’ve Been: Two weeks in Kolkata with a team from my university; an overnight in Chicago with my mom, Ruthie, and some internet friends; an overnight in Indianapolis to hang out with the awesome editorial staff of Persephone Magazine; the Indianapolis Children’s Museum; the Indianapolis Zoo; Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana.

Ruthie & Me at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo

Ruthie & Me at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo

What I’ve Been Listening To: The Great Gatsby soundtrack. On repeat. Over and over and over.

What I’ve Been Reading: Fiction! After finishing The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood on the plan to India, I read the first Game of Thrones book in my single hotel room in Kolkata every night. I also re-read Catching Fire and Mockingjay last weekend and was struck by what a great second read they are. At bedtime each night, I’ve been reading The Fellowship of the Ring to Ruthie. She loves it, and I think it’s cool to get to read something I’ve never read before. I’ve been reading some nonfiction, but I’ll be saving those reviews for their own posts in the near future.
year of the flood

What I’ve Been Watching: The Newsroom. John Oliver doing a great job as the fill-in host of The Daily Show. The heartbreaking movie Any Day Now, starring one of my very favorite actors, Alan Cumming, and Garrett Dillahunt, who I’m starting to become a real fan of. Oh, I’ve also watched quite a lot of Power Rangers and Adventure Time this summer. That has led to many hours of being instructed to pretend to be Jayden the Power Ranger and Finn the Human. Those have only recently been replaced by me as Luke Skywalker and Ruthie as Chewbacca. She’s getting good at those Wookie noises.

What I’ve Been Doing: Trying to alleviate Chalupa’s discomfort, as he has been very sick for the entire summer. We’ve taken two trips the emergency room, and I suspect he’s about to be put on Prednisone again, despite already having been on it for seven weeks this summer. I am hoping that in the next month or so, he begins to feel significantly better.

What about you? What have you been enjoying and working on this summer?