*and in a few more days, I’ll post about the one that’s soon to be born, too

1) My kid is really funny. For example, last week, I mentioned the fact that I have some extra hairs on my chin, and she said, “Yeah, you gotta trim that, guy.” And yesterday when I got up in the morning to get her out of bed, she looked at my 38-week pregnant body and said, “MOM! You’re walking like you’re a penguin!” as if she thought I was playing some sort of joke on her. When she was two, she stuck her finger in my face and said she was Lady Gaga, singing, “Poke poke poke poke-your-face, poke poke-your-face.” She is obsessed with Chewbacca (both the character and her guinea pig) and frequently requests to listen to Iron Maiden in the car. Last night she stuck a star-shaped post-it note on her forehead and declared herself to be Lumpy Space Princess. She desperately wanted to give her baby brother the last name “David Bowie.”

2) I like talking about the things in my life that are funny. If I’m going to share something that cracked me up, there’s a good chance it’s going to be about her.

3) People seem to get a kick out of it. It’s like Ruthie has her own little fan club on Facebook. It makes me so happy to see that all of these people enjoy her humor and see what she’s learning and doing and saying.

4) I’m a storyteller and a nonfiction writer. I’m not going to write many essays about parenting because most of them would sound like this: Being a mom is awesome and I love my awesome kid and this is the most boring, conflict-free essay ever. So instead, I write stories about my kid on social media.

5) Documentation! I know Facebook won’t be around forever, but I love that I’ve got so much of her life documented in this way. Do I really take the time to journal on a daily basis or write down all the things my kid has said that are awesome/sweet/funny? Do I scrapbook? No, but I do have several minutes a day to document a story to go back to later.

And that’s about it. So while some people are scrubbing all references to their children from the internet, I’m going to keep on with my posts about my hilarious daughter and all the ways she makes me laugh.