First Note: This list is not comprehensive.

Second Note: This list is presented in order from most typical to most unusual.

Third Note: Each item is ranked from 1 (least likely to get her to do what I want, but still worth a try) to 5 (most likely to get her to do what I want).

• candy: 2
• a trip to the children’s museum: 3
• a free cookie from the Meijer bakery: 1
• an extra bedtime story: 3
• Dad making stovetop popcorn: 3
• powdered sugar donuts: 4
• the chance to play with her LeapPad in bed after lights out: 5
• the chance to get a toy out of the toy machines at Steak’n’Shake: 4
• extra time playing with “her” guinea pigs, Luke and Chewbacca: 1
• Skyping with someone special (usually my friend Carolyn in Vermont): 4
• painting her fingernails and/or toenails: 4
• letting her paint her Dad’s toenails: 5
• a turn sitting in the front seat of the car after we arrive at our destination, listening to a David Bowie song as loud as the stereo will go: 4
• raw green beans: 3
• the opportunity to clean the bathroom: 5

Kids, man. Kids.