My sweet little Neville.

You are a year old now. One year old, and I can’t imagine life without you. I don’t know how many times I have looked at your dad, or your Grandma Carol, or a friend of mine, and said, “I just didn’t know any baby could be so sweet!”

Smashin' that birthday cake!

Smashin’ that birthday cake!

In the year we’ve had you, here is what we have learned about you:

  • You are happy. So happy. When you cry, something must be very, very wrong.
  • You are interested in your toys and the world around you, and you will play on your own for quite a while, but nothing can change your mind if you are set on being in the company of someone you love.
Sweet babby kisses

Sweet babby kisses

  • For most of this year, you have only slept if you were touching someone. That is why you, unlike your big sister when she was a baby, have spent most of every night in my bed.
  • You interact with everyone. You want so badly to communicate. You said “mama” and “bye bye” quite early, and you smile at anyone who even glances in your direction.
  • You have the best hair in the world. Strangers stop us and comment on it.

Look at that hair!

Look at that hair!

And this is my prayer for you:

  • May you keep your happiness, and may nothing steal that from you.
  • May you know that we are always nearby, and you are not alone.
  • May you sleep well and deep. And someday, may you sleep on your own!
  • May you forge deep friendships that always bring you joy.
  • May your hair always be awesome.

Baby on the go! (Trying to get to Rapunzel!)

Baby on the go! (Trying to get to Rapunzel!)

Little Neville, I love you a billion times a billion. I am so glad you are in our lives.


Santa Claus isn't scary at all to this baby!

Santa Claus isn’t scary at all to this baby!