I’m Liz Boltz Ranfeld.

I’m a creative writer, an English professor, a content writer, a wife, and a mom. I’m also a reader, a gardener, and a chicken-keeper.

My husband has severe respiratory disease and a really sweet beard. My daughter is a naturally born skeptic who will figure out what your game is and whether or not she can game you, too. When she was a 2nd grader, she said, “You know that feeling when you’re watching a scary movie and your heart beats real fast like you’re running, but you’re not even moving? I LOVE THAT.”

My son dressed as Bradley Cooper for Halloween when he was 4, and then asked for a Lady Gaga party when he turned 5. He was Elton John for Halloween the next year. These were all his ideas; my job was just to provide the costumes and make it happen.

We are the Runaway Ranfelds.

We are Hoosiers. We have a bunch of chickens. We care about going on adventures, spending time in nature, promoting gender and racial equity, living a Christianity that isn’t limited to the whims of Evangelicalism, and standing up to the moral cesspool that is the Trump administration.

more about me…

i’m a writer.

MFA in Creative Nonfiction
University of New Hampshire

i’m an English professor.

Assistant Professor of English,
Anderson University
Anderson Indiana


I joined Outschool in January, 2020.
My classes on Outschool include:

Feminism & Frozen
Feminism & Disney Princesses
Creative Writing Workshop for Animal Lovers