About Liz Boltz Ranfeld

I am a writer and English teacher in Central Indiana. I teach English composition and creative writing at a small Christian liberal arts university*, and I write nonfiction. In 2011, I graduated from the University of New Hampshire’s Creative Nonfiction MFA program. My thesis was a memoir about the ethical and moral implications of sending teenage Christians abroad to save the world for God.

I blog weekly.

My daughter, whom I call Ruthie on the internet, was born in January, 2010. She is by far the funniest person in our house. My son, whom I call Neville on the internet, was born in February, 2014. He is the smooshiest, snuggliest person in our house.

My husband goes by Chalupa. Our life together is a lot of movie quotes, road trips, and dealing with his chronic illnesses. We are egalitarians.

In our house, we care about movies, television, food, politics, and faith. And cheese. We care a lot about cheese.

We attend Commonway Church in Muncie and live next door to my mom Carol, in the house where my grandparents lived before us.

Why is this blog about living and parenting as a liberal feminist Christian?

I am a liberal feminist Christian. All three of those things are integral to the way I interact with the world. Being liberal means that my fundamental lens for viewing social and political issues is one of equality. Being a feminist means that I believe in the intrinsic equality between all genders and sexes, and that I must work to correct gender and sexuality-based injustices in the world, as well as injustices that exist for anyone who has been disenfranchised by an unjust world. Being a Christian means that I believe in the foundations of the Nicene Creed, and I want to live in a way that reveals the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that Jesus described.

*and of course all of the thoughts and opinions on this blog are mine, not my employer’s.

9 thoughts on “About Liz Boltz Ranfeld

  1. I want to thank you for writing this blog. I am also a liberal feminist Christian who was raised as a fundamentalist Southern Baptist in Southern California. I have struggled to find women, who are Christians, who share my beliefs. I look forward to reading more of your blog! Thank you for being a voice for women like me!

  2. Help me! I am a Christian too but I cannot see past the point that we gave the bombers every opportunity to make something of themselves while here on American soil. We have parents grieving over dead children, people laying in hospitals without limbs….who in the world cares what color they were? They killed…period. I know we are suppose to love and forgive and I can do that but I will not make excuses for them. We could make excuses for every crime committed in this country if we look at family problems, race, religion…..the point is -they killed innocent people in cold blood….today I just cannot see past that.

  3. Hi, Cathleen,
    Perhaps you meant to place this comment on a different post? The one that Susan wrote about the bombers’ Chechen identity?

  4. Liz,
    I stumbled upon your blog by chance and i’m pretty impressed with it. I wasn’t raised on a fundamentalist Christian house, but in a traditional mexican household. As Mexicans, we were catholic, after the conversión of some of my relatives to Evangelical Christianism my parents did it too, but they were never too religious.

    Now I’m a Young adult trying to find out how to start a closer relationship with God, since it has always been present in our lives, but they were certain things could not agree with our church. But now y our blog and your mom’s show me that i can still be feminist and liberal and still be Christian.

    Thank you for writting and being an inspiration for this new generationf of Christians that has been born.

    ¿Is there anyway we can become pen Pals?

  5. Rocio, thank you so much for saying something! I’m really glad you’re here and that you commented. You sound like an awesome person! Please comment on posts all you want–I always interact with folks who comment on any posts. You can also message me via my Facebook page, which is linked at the right. It’s so good to meet you!

  6. Liz Boltz Randfeld, I am happy to have encountered you! What a breath of fresh air this morning! You are now bookmarked. I’m an old feminist liberal Christian who looks forward to more visits here!

  7. I enjoyed your post about when Christians despise the poor. You articulate my feelings so much better than I can

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